Sunday, November 25, 2007


There was no time to write due to depression, now there's no time to write due to activity..happiness....I have escaped the 'Wrath of Vonage'; I am a schoolteacher again, oh happy day...I see the sun, I get home while it is daylight..I am happy and will close down this blog and create one for the real me now that I am back in town (my skull)

Friday, September 21, 2007

New Day New Time Everything is THE SAME

Friday again, end of pay period..i'll gripe next week when once again I will be missing three days pay. Have now 40% of my mouth as false teeth..not caps, not bridges............FALSE teeth! As I'm leaving they say "that'll be $600" what? I'm bouncing checks already and it's a week until payday. No wonder people commite suicide..and the IRS is after me again. Sixteen months last time until I proved I was correct and they issued a check for @$4000---->issued it to Student Loans ...(oh wow, how'd I fall behind on loan payments during those 16 months when IRS levied my bank accounts four times, got a judgement and garnered my UNEMPLOYMENT!!???)
Suicide actually is an option.
Except for the hope of a job offer...........yeah an offer that has no benefits, same pay ..but whoop dee doo.........less hateful and at least I'd be treated as a professional.
Yes, teaching school to drug addicted, crack baby fetal alcohol syndrome rich kids is MUCH MUCH less stressful than technical assistance customer service for the 'Woo Hoo' company. Do all customer service jobs suck this much?

Where will I get $600? How will I make it through 8 days when I am already bouncing checks? Will I kill myself? Will someone buy out Vonage? How'd I get to this place in life?

Friday, September 14, 2007

The World Does Not Need Dial Tone

Friday the 14th; missed three unpaid days of work two weeks ago so today's paycheck makes the job from hell even the job from beneath hell. It's really cool to do technical support customer service for a cheap internet phone company....after all, who risks their phone stability for a house phone to save maybe $20. Well---cheap people of course, then dumb people who think they're very clever, then poor people..they'd be the biggest REALLY poor........(as in working with a green card and not yet learned to speak english)..try explaining the difference between the modem and the router to someone who keeps breaking ..into Hindi when getting frustrated with you because you're using vocabulary they haven't assimilated yet. Then, of course, there's my inadequacy to deal with I cannot understand what they mean when every electrical appliance in the house (except the TV and refrigerator) is a 'modem' and in the thickest of accents---> is it the white modem or the blue one, should I plug it into the black one? ...hmm "what does each of them say on it? what are the models?".....oh, I can't see that...there's too many fix it now?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sept 10

nothing could be worse than this.........well, maybe disemboweled and having sand thrown on me when my insides are exposed....but you'd have to add some banshee screaming to that to make it equal to the horror of vonage today.... their new advertisement should be...'work for us..the squeaky wheel gets the grease..!!; join up and if you are a chronic complainer we'll promote you overnight-->and you can rub it in the faces of any 'grown ups' that might work here and have been stupid enough to keep plugging thinking they'll just automatically be promoted ...(as if quality work had anything to do with it)...........DOES ANYONE....ANYONE..HAVE DIAL TONE????????????????

Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday Sept 7

Before you even get up in the morning vonage has your account restricted; I am in 'grace' they say. "Grace' means I do not leave a valid, viable ccard number for them to access whenever they feel like it. Let's see, I paid the august 7 bill on Sept 4; so the account was active three days before they gracefully, grace me again.
This blog will be a practice setup for the up coming release of "Wrath of Vonage", the blog for all voip users to discover what happens when they call customer service and technical support at vonage. Who cares?
Apparently tens of thousands care, tens of thousands fall for the American 'civil liberty number eleven' a citizens right to get something of more value than what they pay, and the unalienable right to be deceived into thinking they are getting something free.

' I have no dial tone'

'I'll be glad to help you with that; what type of internet service are you using? Is it dsl or cable internet?'

'How in good hell am I supposed to know that? Does it say it somewhere on here? '

'That's all right; if you take a look at your modem can you tell me the model name?'

'Which one is the modem, the white one or the black? Is it a box? There are too many wires here under my desk, I just want the phone on what do you care about my internet'

THAT WHICH I CANNOT SAY...IT IS VONAGE ANATHEMA: "if you don't even know what type of internet you're using and decide to place all your phones with an internet phone got what you deserve!! the phone wasn't so all important when you were trying to save $20....what level of idiocy do you subscribe to??????"

Instead it must be: 'oh, I can understand how that must be frustrating for you; let me help you with this, we will have to reboot the network.'

"Oh I'm not touching that stuff; I can't get down under that desk and deal with all those wires, can't you just fix it? Don't you all have a button there or something you can push?'

ANATHEMA: "of course we have a button you absolute moron! I could have pushed the button ten minutes ago and solved your problem but we choose to not use that button and instead go through all this crap!"