Friday, September 21, 2007

New Day New Time Everything is THE SAME

Friday again, end of pay period..i'll gripe next week when once again I will be missing three days pay. Have now 40% of my mouth as false teeth..not caps, not bridges............FALSE teeth! As I'm leaving they say "that'll be $600" what? I'm bouncing checks already and it's a week until payday. No wonder people commite suicide..and the IRS is after me again. Sixteen months last time until I proved I was correct and they issued a check for @$4000---->issued it to Student Loans ...(oh wow, how'd I fall behind on loan payments during those 16 months when IRS levied my bank accounts four times, got a judgement and garnered my UNEMPLOYMENT!!???)
Suicide actually is an option.
Except for the hope of a job offer...........yeah an offer that has no benefits, same pay ..but whoop dee doo.........less hateful and at least I'd be treated as a professional.
Yes, teaching school to drug addicted, crack baby fetal alcohol syndrome rich kids is MUCH MUCH less stressful than technical assistance customer service for the 'Woo Hoo' company. Do all customer service jobs suck this much?

Where will I get $600? How will I make it through 8 days when I am already bouncing checks? Will I kill myself? Will someone buy out Vonage? How'd I get to this place in life?

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