Friday, September 14, 2007

The World Does Not Need Dial Tone

Friday the 14th; missed three unpaid days of work two weeks ago so today's paycheck makes the job from hell even the job from beneath hell. It's really cool to do technical support customer service for a cheap internet phone company....after all, who risks their phone stability for a house phone to save maybe $20. Well---cheap people of course, then dumb people who think they're very clever, then poor people..they'd be the biggest REALLY poor........(as in working with a green card and not yet learned to speak english)..try explaining the difference between the modem and the router to someone who keeps breaking ..into Hindi when getting frustrated with you because you're using vocabulary they haven't assimilated yet. Then, of course, there's my inadequacy to deal with I cannot understand what they mean when every electrical appliance in the house (except the TV and refrigerator) is a 'modem' and in the thickest of accents---> is it the white modem or the blue one, should I plug it into the black one? ...hmm "what does each of them say on it? what are the models?".....oh, I can't see that...there's too many fix it now?

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