Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Depression for the Year

You know what's depressing today?    After 45 years our prayers were finally answered and Colorado legalized marijuana; but now I not interested anymore.  Smoking pot may interfere with my workouts and gluten free diet.  There's no app to determine where the pot locations are and I'm not about to do anything that I have not been directed to do by my phone.  On top of that after one hundred and fifty years we finally get a black president and he turns out to be an African American Calvin Coolidge.  Boring. Nothing. We would have done better on automatic pilot the past eight years. He is the biggest disappointment since George McGovern and Eagleton. Know what I'm talkin about? How can we afford to give everyone medical care; that is the question put to me by a Master's level educated man who teaches in our schools.  I'm sorry what planet are you on?; Afghanistan and Iraq are absolute necessities? More important than the health of human beings.  I believe in reincarnation. Haven't I been here before?  Wasn't Obama's name Trajan or something like that? Duh.

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