Saturday, January 4, 2014

Is Google the real Wizard of Oz? Yes Google is Oz.

Google, the new 'Oz', prompts me to post a title preceding this prose.  Who works at Google? Does everyone there have a title to every one of their days?  Probably so.  I imagine them to be uniquely boring people who are capable of encapsulating anything.  I have no doubt that Google could explain the entire Middle Ages within the span of a URL.  Something like  I could never do that; I could never work at Google.  I will say I am completely 100% googlized and it was entirely voluntary.

In 1969 and part of 70 my wife and I were technically homeless.  We never slept on the street or in a car.  We were not limited to parental domesticity. Many friends offered, insisted, enjoyed her and I living in their basements, spare rooms and in one case porch.  After she became ill I never again was without my own home.  Essentially I provided myself and Susan with a place to live via friends until we desired our own place because she became ill.  From that day until the age of sixty I lived within the confines of my own castle walls.  Being one of the crowd known to be addicted to dope and a self proclaimed crack head at the age of sixty (what crowd was that? you ask) I had to surrender independent living at that advanced (but still 'hot') age.  I lost everything in life to drug addiction... twice.  This last time that included my home and at that age the parents were already gone.  So i live in another man's house.  I have for five years.

There's no point pursuing that thought.  I am never honest in print when it may be seen without my controlling the situation nor when I am vulnerable in any way to the situation which is the topic of the writing.  Blah Blah Foo-Frah.  I should just say I'm paranoid about writing.  I want to. I want to blow the lid off the topic. Oh I want to go home to San Francisco.  I want great wealth.  I want legendary sexual prowess.  I want to shut up and be content.

I expect that one day all of these wants will be satisfied by Google.

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