Friday, January 3, 2014

Did God Plan on Cock?

My conversation with God this morning is full of questions. It always is.  Why can't I control the size and girth of my cock?  Really. I think there would be less war. Is it so much to ask for? If i can determine when my eyes close, when my muscles flex, when my head moves why is it that I cannot control when my cock is hard. You created men to be ruled by their cocks.  I usually have a lot of cock questions for Him.  What's all this bullshit about arthritis, excess stomach acid, hair loss, permanent tooth loss.  What do you mean I can't grow new teeth. Can a shitty little reptile grow a new tail. What's up with that God? What the fuck is all this shit about being poor or hungry or celibate or lonely and don't turn it around on me.  I'm not down for that anymore.  I did not create a creature that has the mind and intelligence to manipulate the Universe but is tied to  daily shitting and pissing and eating and drinking and lust and desire.  All that shit wasn't my idea.
If you're God you must be right and then I'm wrong.  Come on God why can't I take all the drugs I want and drink all the beer I want without getting addicted or fucking up my life.  Really.  What the hell did you create drugs for anyway.  You are the biggest bartender I know of. Drug dealer too.  I imagine I'll be punished for my insolence.  In a sneaky way; it will seem to be naturally occurring.  Or better yet something that is my own fault. Oh You love that one.  Do You not?  When I stop to think of it God, I really love You.  I mean I love You and that's no froo-frah; no bullshit; no patronizing because I am supposed to love You.  I've thought a lot about it for several score and I love You.  Even when I don't know it.  Yeah I love You but I don't always like You.  If you think about it even Jesus didn't say Like God with all your heart; just love Him.  It's easier to love you God when I know I don't have to like You.

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