Saturday, January 11, 2014

Today's Dreams are the answers to Tomorrow's Questions

 That's an interesting statement.  Today's dreams are the answers to tomorrow's questions. Understand I am stating this literally; not a fruh-frah metaphor or an allusion to one's hopes and aspirations. A literal statement, if you pay close attention you will find that many of the dreams you dream today contain hints and answers to happenstance or questions that occur in your future.
  I naturally would not have any difficulty with this as a declarative statement.  I won the lottery twice as a result of dreaming the winning number precognitively.  I dreamt of the death of my wife hours before it occurred, being across the continent with my brother a week prior. There are a great many true examples of the statement being accurate and factual in my life.
  Considering these examples reminds me 'there are more things in heaven and earth...' .  I ponder: if I could control my dreams would I then be able to control my future?
  If Jesus was in fact Jesus Christ and divine did he dream? Why would He dream? Of what? Perhaps he simply went elsewhere while asleep.  I have that experience as well.

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